Access multiview views in image datablock

When using a custom multiview setup with many cameras to render, how can the views be accessed via Python? While I can access the individual views in the UI, I have not found a way to access them through the Python API.

There is no Python API access yet for multiview or multilayer images as far as I know.

How difficult would it be to add it for 2.8? I could try to put a hand at it myself…

Depends what you want to do with it exactly. To make a really complete and clean API is quite a bit of work.

If you just want to read the pixels from a multiview render it may not be so complicated, since the RenderResult data structure that contains this is already wrapped for the render API.

It’s the latter thing I am after, just read the pixels/images :slight_smile:

Here is the usecase:

The Looking Glass device uses 45 individual views. It renders using Blender’s multiview system, but in order to view a rendered image, in the addon the image files for each are getting parsed via Python and then it replaces the filepath of a datablock, loads the image, runs gl_load() and then copies the result to a texture loaded in memory.
I’d rather load an image using the multiview system and run gl_load() on the individual views because I think that is a more Blenderish way and hope that would integrate nicely with Blender’s caching.
They ways to access the views should work somewhat like:[‘yourimage’].views[x].gl_load()
So it should work just like accessing images…

I think it makes more sense to just run gl_load() in the image itself and expect all the views to be updated. What is blocking here? Performance?

Is there a way to access the views of an image after gl_load() ? That would help tremendously.

I don’t think so. But it is reasonable to have and I would approve said design if someone can come up with a patch for this.

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And just to clarify, what you need is to access the views the same way you access the images, right? Which part of the API is needed there?

Yes, I want to access the views the same way as I would images.

Currently I load each view individually as an image, then I do