Access freestyle mesh info to export (.abc) as different data

Hi , We are trying to export some alembic files with Freestyle face marks and edges to reimport them into the lighting process of our pipeline(due to the well-known limitation of material overrides). Logicallly we dont have such options in the alembic exporter, so we’re trying to mark those edges as Sharp edges and the Freestyle Faces as vertex color to reinterpret the data into Freestyle info again at the import. Here come the question, Im accessing the data from , as I didn’t saw any Freestyle reference in the bmesh module. Im using this script but didnt work at all (notice that im pretty noob to scripting in general)

import bpy

for object in
    if object.type == 'MESH':
        for edge in
            if edge.use_freestyle_mark == True:
                edge.use_edge_sharp = True

But doesnt seem to do anything :frowning:
Can anyone help over here? Thanks!!!