Access baked lightprobe / irradiance volume data from Python?

Is it possible to access the baked data from a light probe through Blender’s Python API?

In particular I’m hoping to get Spherical Harmonics coefficients for each cell in an Irradiance Volume, but coefficients for a Reflection Cubemap probe would be fine too. I’m assuming that’s stored in a cache somewhere, but digging around in the console (e.g. bpy.context.*) and the source code isn’t getting me anywhere. :thinking:



Closest I could get is:

It doesn’t look like there are bindings for python, afaik. Would need a patch?
Suppose someone who’s never tried to expose new APIs in blender would try to do this, any pointers? What would be the right way to do it?


I think that’s correct, yes.

Suppose someone who’s never tried to expose new APIs in blender would try to do this, any pointers?

I tried to figure this out, too, but don’t understand C++ well enough to get anywhere with it sorry. There were definitely pointers involved. :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty sure all of that code is C, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, well, i guess that tells you how far I got on this myself!

By the way, I posted the same suggestion on rightclickselect if anyone would like to upvote it.


Lol. Yes.
I think Don and I are interested in getting that blender lightprobe data into three.js’s three.js docs. I’ve got all the C/C++ experience required. I’m hesitant to try to put a patch together, as i expect I’ll just make the interface wrong way and my PR will get rejected.

I guess I’m looking for a “sponsor” that would be the right person to review the work who could tell me how they would do it, so that we’re all happy in the end.


Has anyone made any headway on this? Recently started to look into this myself and want to make sure I am not duplicating any work.

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@netpro2k no progress on the Blender portion of this, as far as I know. I did write up a draft PR to three.js for light probe volumes defined by interpolated SH values:

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