A way to add volume lighting with HDRI or Sky-texture in 2.8 Eevee

I look at video game engines and see you can have a dynamic sky or Panoramic Hdri’s and they can have volume light and an hdri or something like that (Im not very smart).

Point is. I want to make a forest scene and have an hdr in the background and still have god rays going through the tree branches and leafs. Now, I know how to work around this in cycles… But its super annoying, having to add a Cube or a Sphere and put volume scatter in it. Even then the result isn’t the best, as the scale of the volume object would effect the volume itself.

So maybe add a way to make volume lighting with an hdri or sky texture. And have a setting for distance of the god rays for performance purposes?

This is just a huge thought Ive had for the longest of time, but as I said just a though as I do not know what blender’s code looks like.

Sorry for the very grammar. lol

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