A&R: Introduce Yourself

Hi @DrM / Dan! Thanks for offering to help! Pop by in the #animation-module channel on Blender Chat, it’s a good place to have some more real-time discussions on things. If you just want to dive in, check out the Short Term Goals first, and TODO tasks second, on the module workboard. And of course there are plenty of bug reports (also on the same workboard); working on those could actually help quite well to get you more familiar with the code base.

Great! Perusing the bugs, always helps to make the main team happy :wink:

Hey @sybren, OK say I took on T82174 as a nice innocuous bug (famous last words). Some questions, feel free to point me towards helpful resources …

  • I’m doing daily builds off 3.0-beta git://git.blender.org/blender.git
  • Which branch should I work from? Do I fork, or just create a sub branch or something?
  • Submissions are normal patches, anything special to know?
  • How is team interactions, should I ping you folks if I need pointers, or give you a heads up that I need a code review, or are you guys busy and need to be left alone, or general team interactions …
  • Anything else …

Thanks -


Hi Dan,

Use the blender-v3.0-release branch for bugfixes. Generally you’d create a personal branch off of that for the bugfix, then use Arcanist to submit it to the tracker. There’s more on the Contributing Code wiki page; it also has a link to the page describing how to submit a patch.

As for poking devs, there are two main channels to be in on Blender Chat: #animation-module and #blender-coders.

As for the bug report you chose, yeaaaaah famous last words indeed. Good luck with that one, the UI code is rather hairy. Still, just dive in and poke folks if you can’t figure things out, #user-interface-module might also be an interesting channel for this particular bug.

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Hi, My name is Pierrick.
I’m a 3D generalist with a big affinity to rigging and animation.
I work in the game industry and have been creating Blender educationnal content for almost 8 years now.

I had the chance to be there for a couple of meeting and then couldn’t attend other one.
Dropping few words here to make it more official and would be happy if I can attend any further meeting.


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Hi Sybren,

Sorry to ping you. was there any meeting today?
IS there a way to be notified through email or something?

I’m sorry, I’m not super forum friendly and get easily lost with the chat.blender
Just put a reminder for next meeting in my calendar :sweat_smile:

Also yes! On Animation & Rigging Module Meeting agenda | dr. Sybren you’ll find a webcal URL that you can add to whatever calendar system you’re using. It’s been tested on Google Calendar and the iPad calendar app. You can then configure your own app to notify you in whatever means you want / it supports.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
Just added your calendar top my outlook.