A panel fully sync wih Blender (Statement assets)

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days since I code a website in order to be able to follow the progress of the creation of “Assets”, the method would be simple. In order to synchronize the website with the addon which would be integrated into blender 'So necessarily code in Python3) he would follow the following procedure to connect:
ASSETS API (Transmits data by url Ex:? MeshName = Name & UniqueKeyInsertSecure)> Write data directly in the database. All the functions of the administrator side in the web panel would also be served in the add-on integrated into blender.

You can find a demo of the site here :
http://nasos.alwaysdata.net/ (Client side)
id: Demo
pswd: DemoHello
Admin side)

The connection between the API and the addon will be done by the Lien + API KEY system.

In order to follow the creation of an asset, you will simply need to use the “Mark assets” function to find your file in the assets Browser and to be able to access the options of the addons which will transmit everything to the DB by the API.

In a future update I plan to automatically host the .blend save directly to the website so that each asset has its own file and has its own tracked.

You tell me what is the use? Simply follow the follow-up of assets being created, or have a history of comments as well as organize Meetings through dedicated pages.

And it will be possible to communicate via a Team Chat and see the meetings scheduled directly in the Blender addon.

EDIT : now you can follow the devlopement of the CMS in this links : Assets. - Changelog