7 March 2022

7 March 2022

Notes for weekly communication of ongoing projects and modules.


New Features and Changes

User Interface

  • Support drag & drop of materials to the property editor panel (commit) (Azeem Bande-Ali)
  • File browser:
    • Allow dragging anywhere in a file preview tile to drag (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Outliner:
    • Use correct icon for text and surface objects (commit) (Ethan Hall)
    • Display respective data-block icon in library overrides mode (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Node editor:
    • Improve readability of selected node links (commit) (Leon Schittek)
  • Search
    • Take word order into account in string search (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
  • Tools/Keymap
    • Only wrap cursor motion horizontally when dragging markers (commit) (Campbell Barton)
    • Remove tweak events in favor of click-drag (commit) (Campbell Barton)


  • Sculpt:
    • Add brush to add curves on surface (commit) (Jacques Lucke)
  • Geometry nodes:
    • Port endpoint selection node to new data-block (commit) (Hans Goudey)
    • Port most curve primitives to new data-block (commit) (Hans Goudey)
    • Port set resolution node to the new data-block (commit) (Hans Goudey)
  • “Legacy” curve object type:
    • Sync active material with selection (commit) (Red Mser)

UV Editor

  • Addd edge selection support (commit) (Siddhartha Jejurkar)

Video Sequence Editor

  • Allow creating scene in strip properties (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)

Grease Pencil

  • Improve subdivision modifier (commit) (Henrik Dick)
  • Performance improvements
    • Improve multi-user gpencil data performance with modifiers (commit) (Yann Lanthony, _Falk David")

Python API

  • Add new annotation_pre & annotation_post handlers (commit) (Antonio Vazquez)

Weekly Reports