7 January 2019

New Features and Changes

The focus continues to be on getting Blender 2.8 stable. Approximately 75 bugs were fixed in the last week.

  • Preferences have been redesigned, with a better organization that makes it much easier to find settings. (task)
  • NLA blending was refactored, making it more reliable when blending actions that don’t all keyframe the same values. Another step towards making the NLA editor work well in production.
  • Viewport: updated default HDRIs. Added city, courtyard and interior, replaced grass field and night with different images.
  • Icon set was updated, particularly editor icons.
  • 2D animation template was updated with changes to properties layout, brush and material settings, and more.


  • clang-format is planned to be used for formatting all C/C++ code in Blender. This will be a disruptive change as all patches and branches will need (automatable) updates. But in the long run it will save time and increase code quality. (task)
  • Proposal to close many mailing lists that are no longer actively used. (mail)

Weekly Reports