6 July 2020

Notes for meeting of Monday, 6 July 2020. 18:00 CEST / UTC 16:00 on #blender-coders on blender.chat.


GSoC first evaluations

  • All students passed the first evaluations. All the best to the students for the second period!

2.83 LTS

  • Jeroen Bakker has been working on automation of the LTS release process. Not fully done yet, so partly still manual work (updating different distribution channels)
  • 2.83.2 scheduled for Thursday 9 July, 2020
  • Blender 2.83 LTS maintenance task with current status

New Features and Changes

Blender 2.90

  • Alembic: new exporter based on the USD exporter structure. (commit) (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Sculpt: pose Brush option to affect loose parts (commit) (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Outliner: show library state icons for data-blocks in Data API mode. (commit) (Julian Eisel)
  • Overrides: add most object properties as overridable. (commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Overrides: add minimal support of liboverrides to shape keys. (commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Custom Properties: support default values for strings. (commit) (Demeter Dzadik)
  • Transform: edge slide snapping support for constraint intersection. (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)
  • UV: add rip tool (commit) (Campbell Barton)
  • Sculpt: Mask By Color (commit) (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Ocean modifier: Expose eigenvectors for use as map (commit) (Phil Stopford)
  • Fluid: Added offset to control frame range (commit) (Sebastián Barschkis)
  • Transform: generalized custom-data correction support (commit) (Germano Cavalcante)
  • Sculpt: Color filter fill mode (commit) (Pablo Dobarro)

Weekly Reports