[3D mouse NDOF] Default settings and 2D navigation

Hello, I don’t know how many 3D artists on this community use a 3D mouse ?
I personally bought one and i’m in love, it simplifies the movement (particularly in environment or interior).


However, I don’t know what usage default settings is for (I had to watch a video tutorial to know what settings change to use my 3D mouse, maybe default is for a different usage :thinking: )

Here is my settings that work better than default
But the default settings isn’t the only issue of why I opened this thread.

I found it hard to change zoom scale without having to zoom out with the wheel of my normal mouse (it also changes the location of where I am, so it isn’t convenient i constantly have to recenter)
There are two keys on my 3D mouse that I assigned to CTRL+B to zoom to small part and SHIFT+C to unzoom to my scene size (but it’s unusable when working with large scene, I constantly have to change zoom size, it would be nice to have a shortcut to just increase or decrease zoom size (when I talk about zoom, it doesn’t have anything to do with FOV, it’s just the speed I have in the viewport (when working around large or small objects))

Another issue is 2D viewport (yes 2D navigation with a 3D mouse…) Right now if I’m in image or UV editor, or if I’m in front, left, or top view, the mouse isn’t really usable (I have to change settings to navigate without struggle)

(just disable invert zoom, and swap Y and z axis)


The easiest solution I have in mind is :

  • Changing default settings or explain why is it like that by default.
  • Add a shortcut to zoom without moving current position (unassigned by default but cool for NDOF users).
  • Have the “invert zoom”, and “swap Y and z axis” options (maybe others) different for the 2D and 3D viewports.

Thanks in advance if you code any feature proposed here.