31 December 2018

New Features and Changes

As usual, the focus continues to be on bug fixing, approximately 125 bugs were fixed in the last two weeks.

  • The Blender2.8 branch was merged to master. For builders and developers, see the bf-committers mail for details.

  • Snapping settings now only affect Move transforms by default. For Rotate and Scale vertex snapping is not as useful and can get in the way, so these only do increment snapping when holding Ctrl. For the more rare cases where advanced snapping for Rotate and Scale is needed, the snapping popover has toggles to enable it.

  • Context menus now take into account modes and selected data more.

  • Grease pencil: new merge strokes operator, new 2D monkey primitives, and more tweaks.

  • New application icons on all platforms, with more accurate logo colors and flatter look.

  • Linux/X11: support multiple pen tablets connected at the same time.

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