3 December 2018

Blender 2.8 Beta

Finally released! For info see here:

The bug tracker is open again for general reports and is being flooded. Developers focus on triaging and fixing. Some interesting tracker stats are here.

New Features and Changes

  • Left click select as default, spacebar defaults to play animation (video).

  • Toolbar added in node editor.

  • Font textbox overflow methods: overflow, truncated and scale-to-fit (release notes).

  • Better thread scheduling for AMD Threadripper and EPYC NUMA.

  • New Timer API for addons. (docs)

  • Workbench studio lights were changed from HDRIs to 4 distant lights, have preset support, and now use PBR materials.

  • Cycles: new runtime profiler that measures time spent in various parts of the CPU kernel.

  • Annotations have onion skinning support again, useful for animation notes.

Other Projects

  • New skin for the developer wiki is coming. (task)

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