3.2 blender manual "Transfer weight selection" describe wrong selection order (sorry my mistake)

Sorry if I simply miss understand, and I have never report about document. so do not know where is best place to report simple mistake. so report here… :slightly_smiling_face:

current 3.2 manual describe, how to Transfer weight map like this…

For example, to transfer all existing vertex groups from the source objects to the target, change the Source Layers Selection option to By Name.


This tool uses the generic “data transfer”, but transfers from all selected objects to active one. Please refer to the Data Transfer docs for options details and explanations.

Prepare the Copy

You first select all source objects, and finally the target object (the target object must be the active object).

I think it say reverse order to select source and target, described before…
If we trasfer weight map from source to some target meshes.

"below is  wrong infomation , manual was right." :sneezing_face:

I believe,
 we should first **select all target objects**, and finally select **source object** (the source object must be the active object)

Ah sorry I miss understand :expressionless:

I believed we transfer weight-map from soruce one mesh to another mutliple meshes.
I have not tried, source meshes to one meshes.

But actually, It seems work as described… (I sometimes use wrong way, when I select multiple meshes… I had believed they are target meshes.