3.1 beta release postponed?

It looks like 3.1 beta will be delayed for who knows how long. Any ideas why?

and where did you get this information from?

We release “beta” versions? The final version of 3.1 is scheduled for release on March 9th unless it is delayed for some reason. But you can download the development version today, tomorrow, and every day, whether you’d call it “alpha”, “beta”, “theta”, or “omicron.”


At least the builds on Blender Builds - blender.org are labeled with their respective release type. But then, the difference between Alpha and Beta builds isn’t huge.

Citation needed, according to the schedule for 3.1 bcon3 which is the beta phase in our release cycle is not until jan 26. I’ve heard nothing about delaying it as of yet, beyond your seemingly baseless rumors.

The move to bcon2 which should have happened today, could likely be delayed by a few days purely due to no-one with the authority to change it being around this time of year, but beyond poor foresight of the release manager I wouldn’t read too much into that.


Thankyou for the insight.
I was wrong about what bcon 2 was and shouldn’t have submitted that post.

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As the 26th has now passed, has 3.1 moved into bcon3? Will there be a specifically labelled beta version?

You can find the current release schedule here. BF Blender (3.1)
Bcon3 has been delayed a bit, once there is an ETA it will be communicated.

Thanks. I’ve just seen the following: -
Pending for bcon3:

Bcon3 is now planned for tomorrow. I expect beta builds to be available tomorrow evening (CET).