2d image to 3d model using Machine Learning (Automated)

I am new to this community, and want to build a module/addon that takes set of related pictures/movies and make a model in it.

To do so there is many point exists to discuss. Idea behind that can help me in this regards is to get the way that module that convert 3D model into 2D graphics. we will modify that module and sort out a way to get 3D model back.


Understanding how 3D model to 2D image rendering works is important in general if you’re working in the area of computer graphics, but by itself is not going to get you far for 2D image to 3D model reconstruction. If you have little or no experience in this area it would be good to start with a introductory book to computer graphics.

To implement this type of thing you will need to research existing papers and software that does this, for example instant-ngp is a recent one.