28 October 2019

Meeting notes for developer meeting in #blender-coders on blender.chat. October 28, 2019. 18:00 CET (17:00 UTC).


  • Blender Conference videos are online on the Blender Foundation youtube channel.

  • AMD joined the Blender Foundation Development Fund at Patron level last week.

  • VR meeting was a success. Basically everyone seems enthusiastic, there’s quite some consensus and we have some planning on how to move forward, expect a report shortly. (Julian Eisel)

  • Dalai Felinto is preparing a proposal for the developer structure, with a well defined specifications of projects, regular bug fixing and patch review process. If anyone any insights on this he can share the work in progress documents before they are presented to everyone.

Blender 2.81

  • Multires and sculpting issue may not be tackled in time. Sergey Sharybin proposes we disable sculpting on a non-top level to avoid artifacts. So he can dedicate his time to fix this in 2.82.

Blender 2.82

  • Campbell Barton suggests we should move to Python 3.8 for 2.82. He will mail the bf-committers list.
  • No centralized roadmap yet. But again, the modules are encouraged to propose their own tasks as high priorities in their landing page, under the Medium Term header. (Dalai Felinto)

New Features and Changes

  • Proposal: Tool System: Use tapping Alt as a leader key to switch tools (T69992).

  • Keymap: use Ctrl-F2 for batch rename

  • UI: add utility to show icons for the keymap item - This is useful for drawing keymap items into the header or status bar (Campbell Barton).

  • WM: add utility to lookup a keymap item from an event. Useful for modal operators to be able to match events against regular keymaps. (Campbell Barton)

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