26 October 2020

Notes for meeting of Monday, 26 October 2020. 18:00 CEST / UTC 17:00 on #blender-coders on blender.chat.


2.91 Beta

  • 2.91 bcon3 (beta) happened on Wednesday 21, October 2020 as planned.
  • The download number indicates that the beta builds are actively tested.

Daily downloads of 2.91 (alpha & beta) on builder.blender.org in October 2020.

Note: The numbers may be unreliable in terms of absolute values. However they are accurate on the relative change since beta (October 21).

2.92 Alpha

Be sure there is a design approved before you start working on the projects, be sure things that will need review are known ahead of time.

The team will try to stick to the fixed release schedule even if some features have to be left out due to the uncertainties of the future.

New Features and Changes

Blender 2.91

  • Eevee (Clément Foucault)
    • Screen Space Reflection: improve contact reflections and self-intersection cases (commit) (commit)
    • Principle BSDF: Use multi-scatter switch for the glass variant (commit)
  • Sculpt (Pablo Dobarro)
    • Displacement eraser, boundary brush and line gesture are no longer experimental and have icons (Rahul Chaudhary)
    • Line Gesture: angle snapping, limit to segment and change active side (commit) (commit) (commit)
  • Modifiers
    • Ocean: support baking spray maps (commit) (Phil Stopford)
    • Lattice: performance improvements (commit) (Jeroen Bakker)
  • Fluid (Sebastián Barschkis)
    • Add obstacle fluid distance parameter (commit)
  • Compositor (Sergey Sharybin)
    • Make keying node work with premultiplied alpha (commit)
  • User Interface
    • Various layout and naming tweaks (Julian Eisel, Hans Goudey, Harley Acheson, Pablo Vazquez)
    • Move gesture selection with spacebar (commit) (Pablo Dobarro)

Blender 2.92

  • Cycles (Nicolas Lelong, Jagannadhan Ravi)
    • Multithreaded export of geometry (commit)
  • Sculpt (Pablo Dobarro)
    • Boundary Brush: smooth deform type(commit)
    • Grab Brush: silhouette option and plane deformation falloff (commit) (commit)
    • Face Set Edit: delete geometry operation (commit)
  • Grease Pencil (Antonio Vazquez)
    • Bake mesh animation for selected keyframes only (commit)
    • Cutter tool parameter to set caps (commit)
    • Subdivide cyclic section of strokes in modifier (commit)
  • Python API (Campbell Barton)
    • Expose the file version via bpy.app.version_file (commit

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