26 November 2018

Blender 2.8 Beta

We are aiming for a Beta release this week. Still waiting for:

  • New splash screen
  • Release notes on blender.org
  • Renaming of some features
  • Possible changes to default preferences

Note that we will not make a specific build for this, we will continue to use daily builds on builder.blender.org so that everyone tests with the latest fixes and changes.

New Features and Changes

  • OpenSubdiv is now enabled for subdivision surfaces and multires (notes)
  • The Khronos GLTF 2.0 addon is now bundled with Blender(notes).
  • COLLADA import/export got many, many improvements(notes)
  • Grease pencil layers gained blend modes (video).
  • New Curvature shading option for visualizing high-frequency detail (proposal).
  • Local View in the 3D viewport is back again.
  • Initial EEVEE reference manual is here.
  • User Preferences now have tabs on the left side (image).
  • New user preferences to control max tablet pressure and pressure softness.
  • Add Image submenu to quickly add a reference image, background image or
    mesh with image texture.
  • Combined pose + weight paint can now be entered immediately when both
    objects are selected.
  • New color ramp command to evenly distribute colors.
  • New Jump to Target command for object/bone properties.
  • Many UI and keymap improvements.
  • Performance improvement for armatures that deform multiple separate
  • Much improved Grease Pencil drawing performance.
  • Faster OBJ import by 33%.

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