26 August 2019

Notes for meeting of 26 August 2019.


  • Release date for 2.81 is currently set to 14 November 2019
    • Cut-off date (major changes and features in by) 13 September 2019
    • Stabilizing branch creation 1 October 2019
      • master branch will be open from then on, i.o.w. no freeze while 2.81 is being stabilized

New Features and Changes

  • Transform: new snapping options to snap to the center of edges, and perpendicular to edges. (Germano Cavalcante)
  • Transform: new option to transform object origins in object mode, found in the pivot popover. (Campbell Barton)
  • Viewport: side views now show the grid units again in the top left corner. (Germano Cavalcante)
  • Outliner: range select with shift+click now also supports extending the selection with ctrl+shift+click. (Nathan Craddock)
  • Grease Pencil: improved reproject operator, that does not suffer from stairstepping artifacts. (Lukas W, Antonio Vazquez)
  • New shaders for Cycles and Eevee. (Omar Ahmad)
    • Volume Info node, for convenient access to Color, Density, Flame, and Temperature attributes of smoke domains.
    • White Noise node, producing a random number based on input values.
    • Vector Math node: new operations, and show number of inputs depending on the operation.
    • Object Info node now has the object color.
  • User Interface: improved layout and text for save/close dialog. (Harley Acheson, Yevgeny Makarov)
  • Python API: support for displaying node sockets with square and diamond shapes, using the new NodeSocket.display_shape property. (Charlie Jolly)

Projects Under Development

  • Quadriflow integration, cloth patches (Sebastian Paborg)
  • Cycles patch review continued (Brecht Van Lommel)
  • Phabricator workflow improvement patches. (Nathan Letwory)

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