25 November 2019

Notes for meeting of Monday, 25 November 18:00 CET / 17:00 UTC on #blender-coders on blender.chat . (details ).


  • Blender 2.81 was released.
  • Steam and Snap builds are fine, Microsoft store build is yet to come.
  • We may do a 2.81a release due to a Mac issue. If we do we may wait some extra days to see if any other pressing issue is found.

Blender 2.82

  • Dalai Felinto will email the module owners for a meeting on Thursday to check on everyone’s roadmap.
  • The goal is to be sure we are not setting ourselves to more than we can deliver.
  • The plan is to stick to the original 2.82 release dates (we stretched bcon1 a bit, but we end bcon2 when originally planned).

Blender 2.83

  • The Blender 2.83 milestone was created in developer.blender.org.
  • The Proposed dates are:
    • bcon1: January 9
    • bcon2: March 12
    • bcon 3: April 9
    • bcon4: May 7
    • bcon5: May 14
  • Blender 2.81a (if we do it) should be out before 2.83 bcon1 to prevent 3 active branches at the same time.


Changes And New Features

Google Summer of Code

  • Bevel: Custom Profile and CurveProfile Widget. (Hans Goudey)


  • Sculpt/Paint: Brush parameters to modify the strength of the brush during a stroke. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Clay Strips: Input pressure curve and new defaults. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Sculpt: New Clay Brush. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Sculpt: Enable symmetrize operator with Dyntopo disabled. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Sculpt: Multiplane Scrape Brush. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Sculpt: Mask Slice. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Sculpt: Invert Scrape to Fill. (Pablo Dobarro)
  • Paint: Smoother curve preset. (Pablo Dobarro)


  • Graph Editor: Curve Decimate. (Sebastian Parborg)
  • Bones: A new Aligned Inherit Scale mode implements one more way of inheriting scale from the parent bone. (Alexander Gavrilov)


  • Tool System: make smooth & randomize modal operators. (Campbell Barton)


  • BLI_task: Initial implementation of pooled threaded index range iterator. (Bastien Montagne). [reverted]
  • Windows TBB allocator for Cycles. (Ray Molenkamp)
  • Subdiv: Tweak threading settings - ensure that all threads on a multi-core system are used. (Sergey Sharybin)
  • LibOverride: Make diffing several times faster. (Bastien Montagne)
  • Usage of spinlock during heavy IO gave reduced performance. (Ray Molenkamp)

User Interface

  • UI: Changes to Graph Editor selection and transform. (Julian Eisel)
  • UI: Text Editor Visual Changes. (Harley Acheson)
  • Text Editor: smooth scrolling. (Campbell Barton)
  • Outliner: Hide id operations - make single user - when not supported. _Dalai Felinto)
  • UI: Reduce width of UI-List scrollbars. (Julian Eisel)


  • Alembic: Upgrade from 1.7.8 to 1.7.12

Alembic 1.7.12 introduces a ‘DCC FPS’ hint, allowing Blender to write the scene frame rate to the Alembic file. This will make it possible for importers and converters to properly deal with situations where ‘frame number’ is the only reference to time.

  • Gizmo: support drawing contrasting shapes a generic backdrop. (Campbell Barton)

Weekly Progress Reports