24 June 2019


  • We have about two more weeks of bug fixing before we do the release candidate.
  • The user manual is mostly updated for 2.80 now, with the few remaining chapters to be done in the coming weeks before the release.
  • We plan to update OpenSubdiv to 3.4 before the release still, to fix some important bugs.
  • New committers were added for the add-ons repository: Cédric Brandin and Shrinivas Kulkarni.
  • There is a blog post on the status of the sculpt mode features branch, and how and when to merge it.
  • The first evaluations for Summer of Code have to be done this week, by Friday, June 28th 18:00 UTC.

New Features and Changes

The focus continues to be on bug fixing, with about 95 bugs fixed last week.

  • Sequencer sidebar panels were reorganized since they were still unclear. (William Reynish, Peter Fog)
  • Deselect all and invert selection now work in the file browser. (Campbell Barton)
  • macOS bundling was updated in preparation for the release, where there will be a single Blender.app to install, that is code signed and notarized. (Arto Kitula, Brecht Van Lommel)

Weekly Reports