21 October 2019

Notes for dev meeting on Monday, 21 October 10:00 CEST / 8:00 UTC on #blender-coders on blender.chat. (details)

Blender 2.81

Bugfixing & Documentation

  • Reminder to focus on bugs listed on the Blender 2.81 workboard.
    • If current todo list is empty, or not sure what to work on, please pick something from the workboard list. Confer with Module Owners if you’re unsure about working on a fix for that module.
  • Sebastian Paborg says T66142 might not make it for 2.81 due to hacky nature of proposed fix.
  • Developers are asked to check their new features or changes for Blender 2.81 are properly documented. Apart from the necessary documentation for the Blender 2.81 release list also ensure user-end documentation is written for the manual. Please confer with the documentation team in #docs on blender.chat, or poke Nathan Letwory on either blender.chat PM or vial e-mail (nathan@blender.org).

Blender 2.82 / master

  • Not much activity expected due to upcoming Blender Conference.


  • Developers in studio are preparing for Blender Conference this week.

New Features and Changes (master)

  • Workbench: background dithering disabled for final rendering, vertex and texture paint modes. (Jeroen Bakker)
  • GPencil: new primitive polyline tool. (Charlie Jolly)
  • Shrinkwrap: improve numerical stability of Target Normal Project. (Alexander Gavrilov)

Weekly Progress Reports