21 January 2019

New Features and Changes

As usual bug fixing took most of the core developers’ time, with about 75 bugs solved.

  • Bevel now supports multiple miter patterns. (release notes) (Howard Trickey)

  • NLA: implement a new blending mode that intelligently combines actions. (commit) (Alexander Gavrilov)
  • Windows: support for Windows Ink, for better handling of pen input on modern devices like Surface. (commit) (Christopher Peerman)
  • 3D viewport clipping (Alt+B) is available again for wireframe and solid draw modes. Not all object types are supported yet. (Campbell Barton)
  • Deleting many objects has been optimized, though the new code is not enabled yet by default. It can be tested by setting the debug value to 666. (commit) (Bastien Montagne)
  • Alembic export can now optionally output curves / NURBS as meshes. (Sybren A. Stüvel)
  • Preferences have been further redesigned, adding more sections to avoid grouping unrelated settings together. More panels are also expanded by default, making it possible to quickly go through sections and see settings of each. (Brecht Van Lommel)


  • Initial development on the everything nodes project has started, beginning with a generic function system. (doc) (Jacques Lucke)

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