2024-07-02 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting 2024-07-02T15:00:00Z

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Last meeting was June 18th, next meeting on July 18th.

Attendees (3 hours!)

  • Nika Kutsniashvii
  • Nima Parsa
  • Julian Eisel
  • Thomas Dinges
  • Hans Goudey
  • Pablo Vasquez
  • Harley Acheson

Merged to 4.2 Since Last Meeting

Merged to 4.3 Since Last Meeting

High Priority Bugs

Module Roadmap


4.3 Projects

  • SVG Icons: Next Steps #123585
    • In place, could include Tool icons if we want. WIP: UI: Color Icons #123950
    • Yes, we want to push forward and add support for multicolor icons with the ability to theme interior pieces. For tool icons - will have to find some way of making SVG versions of the existing ones, but there is some usage with regular UI icons, specifically the Properties tab icons.
  • UI: Screen Area Docking Experimental Feature #123414
    • Hans reviewing. Hoping for this as experimental feature fairly soon, hopefully for full inclusion within 4.3
  • WIP: UI: Bidirectional Text and Complex Shaping #104662
    • Has some selection issues, Harley hopes to get back to this soon.
    • The hope is to get this in as an experimental feature that uses this code path for all text output within 4.3. Hopefully as a regular feature in 4.4 that uses the code path for complex or LTR only.

Design & Discussion

  • Introduction of Nima Parsa, external Senior UI/UX product designer wanting to contribute.
  • Discussion of UI roadmap, specifically a timeframe of 3-6 months
    • Julian planning on more work on TreeView, including scrolling support. He will probably look at implementing multi-line labels.
    • Harley has interest in multi-line text input once multi-line labels are in.
    • Harley is wanting to get in Docking for 4.3, complex text (Arabic. Hebrew, etc) as experimental for 4.3, full for 4.4. More work on icons, support for themeable color icons.
  • Discussion of Extensions tags, with all of us wanting checkboxes.
  • Discussions of prototyping and mockups. Preference for Penpot and open source services.
  • Lots of discussion of UI Module processes.
  • Should update Dima Desktop with new icons.
  • WIP: UI: Icon Overlays #121138
    • This could be even better with the new icons. We might be able to use this for something one day, not sure yet. Could be a tool in the toolbox later.
  • UI: Indeterminate Progress Indicators #111096
    • Campbell likes the idea and rotating one. linear could instead be moving diagonals.
  • WIP: UI: Status Bar Keymaps When Idle #121059
    • Could do this just for action zones and edges?
  • WIP: UI: Camera View Drawing #117117
    • Would be nice to get a mockup to follow
  • Extensions Tags
    • Why does this list change when sections collapse?

We are all wanting the middle mockup, preferring checkboxes for toggles as the behavior is much more clear.