2024-07-01 Modeling Meeting

Day and Time: 2024-07-01T21:00:00Z
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  • Howard Trickey
  • Campbell Barton
  • Jonathan Lampel
  • Nahuel B


  • Current Projects - Status
    • No significant updates from either Howard or Campbell
  • Suggestion to look at this quad remesher: GitHub - nicopietroni/quadwild: Implementation of Reliable Feature-Line Driven Quad-Remeshing
    • most people are using external tools (paid addons) to remesh
    • libraries of this code may be problematic - maybe depends on how big the library is
    • at this point, without more investigation, hard to know if this library is feasible
    • Request to move this bevel weight patch along
  • Request to move this SLIM UV PR along.
    • Brecht was shepherding this but he’s going on sabbatical and needs us to take over
    • Nahuel B has tested it some and finds it very good, when it works
    • Jonathan would like to try testing it too
    • See this thread SLIM UV Unwrapping - #52 by glukoz
    • Should be an additional unwrap algorithm, not a replacement (conformal is sometimes better)
    • If what is needed is mostly code-style reviews, maybe not so bad
    • Campbell and Howard will both have a look to see what state we think it is in and report back next meeting
  • Topic of “Synch UV” comes up now and then
    • How should it work?
    • There’s a design task but it is not fully fleshed out
    • An issue with knowing whether vertices are overlapping or merged when exporting to other software
    • Question about the fact that a vertex in UV space corresponds to a set of contiguous corners in 3D space delimited by edges that are UV seams
    • We should all (but especially users) look at the design task and contribute to it to reach a consensus on what should actually be implemented

Next Meeting:
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Do you plan to implement such remeshers as modifiers or nodes?

Too early to say. Still studying the feasibility of doing this at all.


Hmm, interesting looking forward to next meeting.

Yes, please! :star_struck: It would decrease user dependency on (commercial) external auto-retopologizers.