2024-06-17 Modeling Meeting

Day and Time: 2024-06-17T12:00:00Z
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  • Howard Trickey
  • Campbell Barton
  • Iliya Katushenock
  • Nika Kutsniashvili
  • Daniel Bystedt


  • Current Projects - Status

    • Howard: tried finding a problem with index order changing in exact boolean on latest XCode toolchain; gave up after a while to work on more urgent things. Some more coding on Manifold boolean, but nothing new to report.
    • Nick found “Extra Mesh Objects” was second-most downloaded extension and added a couple more. Made a PR for torus. Maybe most people want quad sphere and empty mesh. Should these be added as primitive. Meeting members agreed. A good “first project” would be to make C++ versions of some of these.
  • UV Task on workboard

    • Daniel made a bunch of UV improvement design tasks on workboard
      Highest priority: grid unwrap. Find places in model where it “makes sense” and only gridify those. One idea: look for UV vertices with 3 neighbors.
      Last GSOC UV project didn’t get merged in but Germano replicated functionality and put it in.
      One project suitable for junior (GSOC): hot keys (in task)
  • Open High Priority Bugs

  • Modeling User Feedback on some UI todos:

    • UI: Select Through Option #109319

    • UI: View-Facing Mesh Select Option #109357

    • UI: Automatic X-Ray #109318

      • For all of preceding: need a design and meeting of its own to discuss
      • Note: this should also be in all modes, not just mesh editing. Quite a big project.
    • Fix #119397: X-Ray not available in Rendered mode when using Workbench #119769

      • UV module explained that it shouldn’t be available because it would duplicate the place where you change visibility. So decided to leave it as a not-an-issue.
    • WIP: Shift Extrude and Duplicate of meshes and objects #118968

      • a work in progress that will eventually be done
    • WIP: UI: Refactor menus in Edit Mode #113122

      • we now have by-domain menus (vertex/edge/face), but most of them don’t make sense to divide it that way, and also creates duplicates. Idea was to organize menus by type, not domain. Tried to organize like modifiers: Edit / Generate / Deform / …
      • It is really tricky to add things. E.g., if there was a dedicated bevel menu, it would be easier to organize.
      • Then some shortcuts can be freed up
      • This is quite a large change. Affects muscle memory, extensions.
      • When people come from other software, they are confused about e.g. extruding vertices, edges, faces come from the same place.
      • Easier to find things in menus when there are few things.
      • Because there will be more submenus: there will be more shortcut key combinations
      • Think of new user trying to find out what Blender does by perusing menus: a better organization could help this
      • A good idea: create a new build and let users respond on a devtalk feedback thread
  • Floating point error bug report, continued discussion

    • case by case response seems necessary at this point still
    • a FAQ document on floating point in the context of 3D programs would be useful for pointing to by triagers

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