2024-06-11 Projects Updates

As part of our efforts to organize the development team more efficiently, weekly meetings are now being held with project leads and development manager and coordinator.

June 21st, 2024
Attendees: Clément Foucault, Dalai Felinto, Falk David, Fiona Cohen, Jeroen Bakker, Sergey Sharybin, Thomas Dinges


  • Baklava > Sybren (not present)

  • Brush Assets > @dfelinto

    • 4.3 target
    • Last round of feedback from Julien K on 20/06
    • Still missing documentation, @julianeisel will work on that, maybe @HooglyBoogly can help too
    • Will be ready for main in a couple of weeks
  • Eevee Next > @fclem

    • In main, documentation is done
    • Bug fixing in progress
    • Unknowns regarding Metal support: issues with that backend remain, which means that @Jeroen-Bakker has to spend time on it
    • Clement will keep focusing on addressing feedback and bug reports (Q3)

    NPR project with @pragma37 > have a one week workshop soon, in July or August?

    • To discuss and organize
  • Extensions > Dalai

    • Release ready
    • Still fixes to do for 4.2, but not concerned about stability
    • Concern about getting everything ready for bcon3 mid-July (documentation, translation…)
    • The multi-OS support is being implemented (website side)
    • @ideasman42 is still going to work on some tech debt (bug fix) for the next weeks,could be for later versions
    • What’s packaged with Blender, ‘core addons’: see dev talk feedback thread
      • If modules have a solid case for something to be added, then it can be added
  • Grease Pencil 3 > @filedescriptor

  • Sculpting > @sergey

    • In progress, with @HooglyBoogly, @Sean-Kim and @farsthary
    • Working on making more tests automated
    • Currently ‘only’ 6x faster, not yet 10x (for the base mesh sculpting)
    • Focusing on that refactor and speeding up, hopefully done by mid-July
    • Then do dynamic topology pt2
  • Vulkan > @Jeroen-Bakker

    • All Q2 goals were met + extended goals (make Eevee to work)
    • See if industry contributor want to join and contribute to this project
    • Goals for Q3: stabilize & improve to make Vulkan available in an official release. See all plan in Vulkan Planning
    • Notes on ‘Out of scope’: do one project to get OpenSubdiv to work on both Metal and Vulkan

Next meeting on Friday June 28th.


EDIT 18/07 - this post was copied to its own thread, and each meeting will get its own separate post from now on.

July 5th, 2024
Attendees: @dfelinto @filedescriptor @FoxGlove @Jeroen-Bakker @sergey @sybren @ThomasDinges


  • Baklava > Sybren

    • Working on finishing phase 1 > aiming for end of Q3
  • Brush Assets > Dalai

    • Almost ready to merge
    • Blog post ready to publish
  • Eevee Next > Clément (not present)

    • industry contributor is looking into issue on Metal
    • NPR workshop (online) > to plan for end of July, tbc, Jeroen on holiday then
  • Extensions > Dalai

    • Last feature almost ready to merge (proper multiple OS support)
    • To discuss: ‘Bone Selection Set’ to add an extension to core addon
  • Grease Pencil 3 > Falk

    • working on feature parity for end of August (bcon 2 of 4.3)
  • Sculpting > Sergey

    • Technical debt etc > 8 brushes left out of the 32
    • Working on more speed for making a stroke on a mesh, goal is 10x
  • Vulkan > Jeroen

During this meeting we also discussed the role of a project lead

Action items

  • @sergey to nudge Intel for Vulkan, next week during monthly meeting
  • @fclem to clarify organization of NPR workshop

This seems to be notes from July 5th, not June 11th?

Ah never mind, did not realized that this was not the original post, but an answer :sweat_smile: