2024-05-14 Sculpt, Paint, & Texture Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Sean Kim
  • Raul Fernandez Hernandez
  • Sergey Sharybin
  • Daniel Bystedt
  • Hans Goudey

Since the Last Meeting

  • Raul has been working on a bug with visibility and multires. No fix yet though.
  • Sean has been working on bug fixing too.

Meeting Topics

  • We had the “unofficial” start for the sculpting project. With the GPU compositor project finished, Sergey now has time for the sculpting project, similarly with Hans.
  • The first focus will be getting parts of the sculpt brush refactor into the main branch, starting with the draw brush. From there we’d move to more brush tools, adding more common utilities as we go.
  • Daniel brought up the improved rake functionality todo task. There was work on that going on in the past, but the code didn’t make it through review.
    • It would also be helpful to be able to create curves to run a geometry nodes setup on them to deform a mesh.
  • The group found a consensus about the location of the line angle snapping popover. Though there was agreement that it adds clutter and there may be a different solution long term, the loss of consistency comapred to other gloabl options wasn’t worth putting it elsewhere.
  • Hans brought up the operator for increasing and decreasing visibility, mentioning that a modal operator might make more sense from an efficiency perspective. However, that might require an active tool for consistency, and doesn’t give the right workflow for fast changes while working with other tools.