2024-04-30 Extensions Platform - Backend


  • Anna Sirota
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Oleg Komarov

Meeting to check the status of the backlog tasks and to clarify some questions regarding the Extensions Platform project.

Recent changes

  • Notification system !80 .
  • Thumbnails for media !51 .


  • Approval Queue:
    • Sort by status (Awaiting Review, Awaiting Changes, Approved).
    • Create activity for image changes.
    • Don’t show status on the images.
    • When reporting a review, there is no need for “Versions” (aka Releases).
  • Thumbnails:
    • All images (videos included) get a 360p thumbnail.
    • If a thumbnail is not available, the full image is displayed.
    • The featured image card will be its thumbnail (although the original image is fullHD).
    • Thumbnails using PNG for now.
  • Draft and Update
    • Creators can still update a not-yet reviewed extension.
    • If we can have more activities it would be great (e.g., Description updated).
    • No automatic status change is expected when new activities pop in (instead, creators are expected to explicitly set status to Awaiting Review).
  • Convert to Draft #98
    • Only possible for extensions with status “Awaiting Review” (i.e., not Incomplete nor Approved).
    • Button inside Edit page to “Switch to Draft”.
    • This changes status to “Incomplete”.
    • This creates activity status “Awaiting Changes” with a message “Set as Draft”.
    • Note: This change means creators may have multiple drafts.
  • (Multiple) drafts #99:
    • The system so far was built under the assumption that only a single draft existed at a given time.
    • Now that multiple drafts are supported, we need to change the logic.
    • When trying to Upload a new Extension, the creator should be informed of any existing draft, with a direct way to edit them.
  • Maximum supported version #97:
    • The author can set the max supported version:
      • blender_version_max in manifest (optional field).
      • Later, when editing a version.
      • Later, (manually) when responding to a report.
    • Anyone can “report” it.
      • Little flag by the “Compatibility” on the Version History page.
      • This leads to the “Approval Queue” page of the extension, with a pre-populated comment.

Not to be tackled now:

  • CI/CD (API to upload a new version)
    • Key generated on the server.
    • On my profile I can delete these keys.
    • /api/v1/new_version/… header_key=abeff5d9a9b
  • Authenticated servers
    • URL with token; or
    • New “Secret” password field;
  • Asset on the same JSON