2024-04-23 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting 2024-04-23T15:00:00Z

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Last meeting was April 9th, next meeting on May 7th.


  • Pablo Vazquez
  • Hans Goudey
  • Harley Acheson

Merged Since Last Meeting


Future Joint UI/Modeling Meeting


  • Bcon1 ends on May 1
  • New Extensions
    • Getting into a nicer shape
    • Pablo will do another pass to make the items less grid-like.
  • Harley has to take two days off at the end of next week.
  • Icon overlays
    • We discussed the idea of having something similar to the text that we can now overlay on the icons. Mostly used for user counts, we allow this to overflow to the right. We could add another area (top, and overflowing right) that support icons. So checkmark, “X”, “⟳”, for example. Pablo mentioned some possible uses by Extensions. Could support color. Made less messy by moving other icon-related options into a uiBut->icon_options.
  • Typographical spacing
    • Breaking from our grid-like vertical spacing. Headings and generally alone on a line and so that line’s height could increase with heading font size.
  • Focus state
    • Focus for buttons is an accessibility issue. Focus would be shown as a highlight outside of our regular button outline, similar to how css outline works.
  • Active state
    • A state that can be shown differently while directly interacting - mouse down on a button for example.
  • Harley has a PR to test that increases editor edge moving action zone width. Should make resizing easier with tablet pens. Doesn’t seem to interfere with scrollers and other content but needs evaluation.
  • Discussion of docking, tabbed interfaces. Pablo still wants interactive area resizing without needing to hit the edge - using a hotkey.

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