2024-04-16 Sculpt, Paint, & Texture Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Sean Kim
  • Raul Fernandez Hernandez
  • Sergey Sharybin
  • Daniel Bystedt
  • Hans Goudey

Meeting Topics

  • Improve Expand performance
    • The algorithm is tricky and adding multithreaded has introduced problematic non-determinism.
    • Raul and Sergey and Jacques have made progress but there are still some issues with the multithreaded version of the algorithm.
    • Some other ideas are extracting parts of the main hot loop to separate parallel threads, and reducing memory usage by trying to use face corners and faces rather than edge topology maps.
    • Raul will continue to look into this, since there is a large possible speedup
  • Add increase / decrease visibility operator
    • There is a bit of iteration there. Hans requested that the algorithm be based on faces and face corners instead of edges.
    • There are differing use cases for low-poly and high-poly models. The desired “speed” of expansion would be different.
  • Sean plans to work on adding fairing to some of the existing gesture operators. There is a design/todo task here.
  • Sean has also worked on a Line Trim gesture. He had some design questions about that but they were tricky to understand, we’ll talk about them more in chat.
  • We didn’t get a response on the PR about the symmetry, so Sergey or Hans will pick it up when we get time.
  • We discussed Creating UV Maps from Face Sets. Daniel wrote a response there summarizing our conclusions.
  • The meeting went over some existing pull requests, mostly doing some spring cleaning.