2024-04-08 Grease Pencil VR


  • Dalai Felinto
  • Falk David
  • Daniel Lara
  • Jose Luis
  • Lazaro
  • Samuel
  • Nacho de Andrés

Meeting to coordinate the next steps of the Grease Pencil VR project that Next Lab is developing.

State of Grease Pencil VR by Next Lab

  • 1 year long project, current goal is to port to Blender 4.x and GP 3.0.
  • NextLab plans to use Grease Pencil VR for its next project.
  • Current code is on a fork in blender.org under Next Lab.
  • Current feature set is for drawing, there is no editing and animation tools yet.
  • Initial goal is to use for both pre-production and heavy artistic-driven productions.
  • The VR user interface is a mirror of the complete Blender interface. A more native VR solution is out of the scope for now.


  • Duplication of existing drawing operators to support a 3d coordination.
  • Use the XR events, and call the _XR drawing operators.
  • The UI Mirror is the more “hacky” part of the project.
  • The integration with the event queue is also hacky.


Projects with a similar scope to what can be done with Grease Pencil VR which were created by small teams in a fashionable timeframe.


  • Basic editing (select, transform, copy, delete).



  • Technical questions can be asked on the Grease Pencil chat or devtalk.
  • The team is also welcome at the Grease Pencil module meetings.
  • Move the fork into projects.blender.org.
    • The drawing operators can be presented as a PR the moment they are ported to the new system.
    • The other parts may have to wait until a better architecture design is in place.
  • After the prototype is working with Grease Pencil 3.0, there could be a workshop at Blender HQ with NextLab developers to go over the design for event queue, and UI mirror integrations.