2024-04-08 EEVEE/Viewport Module Meeting

Practical Info

This is a weekly video chat meeting for planning and discussion of Blender EEVEE/viewport module development. Any contributor (developer, UI/UX designer, writer, …) working on EEVEE/viewport in Blender is welcome to join.

For users and other interested parties, we ask to read the meeting notes instead so that the meeting can remain focused.

  • Google Meet
  • Next Meeting: April 15, 2023, 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM Amsterdam Time (Your local time: 2024-04-15T09:30:00Z2024-04-15T10:00:00Z)


  • Clement
  • Jeroen
  • Miguel


  • Shadow optimization.
    • LOD system for directional clipmap. Currently not used, but can be implemented for volume rendering.
    • Limited number of LOD update per tile map. Currently multiple LODs can be rendered, but require geometry per LOD. When playing back animation the limit is set to 1, when rendering no limits are set. Every interaction with light and scene should be faster.
  • Volume mesh rendering pipeline
    • Simplified the code and fixed a lot of artifacts. Volume culling is now done in 2D space in view coordinates.
    • Reduced volume leaking to surface, by offsetting the volume voxel by 1.
    • Dither per voxel will be improved further.
    • If you don’t have a world volume, the start and end of the volumes are automatically calculated. This improved the workflow when working with Volume objects.
  • Translucent and refraction bsdf now uses the thickness output. This raises some questions about how to document this. A design task will be created to discuss this with developer/users.
  • Experiment on dithered soft shadows dithering


  • Preliminary design on NPR engine. First feedback will be requested from module and studios who have already been working with the module on this topic. When the direction of the design is more clear other studios and community will also be asked for input.



Why do we need a separate NPR engine? Eevee is fully capable of NPR work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I’m just curious why this is a focus when AFAIK it’s already fully implemented

Just read the design and understand all the implications

I would love to read the design. There’s nothing linked in this thread, nor does the Eevee Next tracker on projects.blender.org talk about it. Do you have a link to this design you speak of?


Just found it randomly: #120403 - NPR Design - blender - Blender Projects
Very, very promising!