2024-04-04 Triaging module meeting

Triaging Module Meeting

Biweekly Triaging module meeting for planning and coordination.
Folks on the payroll should attend if possible, others are invited as well.
In these meetings, we can keep us up-to-date on everything triaging, discuss recent important issues and see if we can bring the module forward.
I believe it is also good to see human faces once in a while :), so there is always room for some personal stuff if appropriate.

The meeting will be on 2024-04-04T11:00:00Z. It is open for everybody interested to join the video call (link below).



  • Philipp
  • Alaska
  • Ilya
  • Pratik
  • Germano


Meeting Notes

  • shift the meeting to 14:00 CET?
  • Followups from last meeting
    • Number of untriaged reports still high. Continue to work on reducing them.
    • Improve upon issues with unavailable hardware
      • Ilya: can we use infrastructure/hardware of benchmarks on the builtbot for triaging? See GPU tests and benchmarks on buildbot
        • Ilya volunteers to get more info on this
      • We’re missing a NVLinked system: rent a server that has NVLinked GPUs? (needs greenlight from HQ regarding expenses etc.)
        • how useful would it be? Is there a service offering UI for running and viewing the Blender GUI?
        • Philipp will ask about funding
      • We don’t have much hardware to triage AMD Metal Cycles issues (which have become quite common recently). According to the Render & Cycles module, Cycles will drop support for AMD on MacOS “entirely in a future release”, will this be 4.2?
        • need to ask Brecht (or Render & Cycles module) if we can get this offically confirmed.
      • HIP crashes on linux, Alaska has the hardware to check this (even though chances are low these can be fixed on the Blender side)
    • feedback regarding our triaging infrastructure
      • Gitea issues
        • Philipp will take over and report these
        • feature request: being able to watch/subscribe a module or a label (maybe via blender-bot?)
      • Germano still wants to improve the bug reporting template (based on the existing tech) – is a TODO
      • Follow up to https://projects.blender.org/infrastructure/blender-projects-platform/issues/78:
        • See if work on the features we want is already being done in Gitea upstream (Philipp will do).
        • Brecht has given approval to modify the bug reporting page, adding features like Javascript if needed. We would like to do this in a Gitea fork maintained by the Blender foundation. We need to find out how to access this to make pull requests against.
        • Everyone will experiment with updating the bug reporting template with their own ideas and we will collate them at a later date.
          • To ensure compatiblity with older versions of Blender reporting bugs through Help -> Report a bug, we will likely keep the old and new bug reporting templates, and the Blender version will pick which one to use.
    • labels / issue titles / commit messages
      • Action wasn’t taken from the last meeting.
      • We’re still interested in finding out how different modules use labels, and whether or not they want more labels before making any changes.
    • Extensions platform
      • who handles reports for Addons in extensions? > Philipp will check on this

Following meeting

The following meeting will be on 2024-04-18T12:00:00Z. Again it will be open for everybody who’s interested.