2024-03-12 Blender Admins Meeting


  • Bastien Montagne
  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Campbell Barton
  • Fiona Cohen
  • Francesco Siddi
  • Philipp Oeser
  • Thomas Dinges


  • There was an overview of ongoing projects and their status. Overall things seem on track to either finish for the 4.2 release, or by the end of Q1 in some cases.
  • Planning for Q2 will be worked out in the coming weeks. Adding some explicit time for module work (including bug fixing and refactoring) is a consideration. Still to be decided which new projects will start.
  • For the extensions platform, there was a decision to disallow DNA access & memory manipulation, as changes to Blender can easily break the add-on multiple times during a release cycle.

Just wondering, where is Sergey?

He couldn’t make it to this meeting.

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