2024-02-20 Nodes & Physics Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Simon Thommes
  • Hans Goudey
  • Iliya Katueshenock
  • Jacques Lucke

Since the Last Meeting

  • Improve handling of deprecated nodes (commit)
  • Add local/global toggle to Rotate Rotation node (commit)
  • Improve socket naming in Sample nodes (commit)
  • Use Still mode by default in Bake node (commit)
  • Move instance reference indices to a builtin attribute (commit)
  • Matrix socket type, attribute type, and initial nodes (commit)
  • Support group ids in Sample Nearest Surface node (commit)
  • Expose multi-input sockets to custom nodes in the Python API (commit)
  • Hide uneditable input sockets in sidebar (commit, commit)
  • Align input and outputs sockets in zone nodes (commit)
  • Support wildcard in Remove Named Attribute node (commit)

Meeting Topics

  • Fix #118395: Use copy instead of new for geometry nodes in modifiers list
    • The new behavior where the “Duplicate” button actually duplicates is actually consistent. So the PR makes sense. But the whole design should be revisted by the UI module since having two buttons that do the same thing doesn’t seem ideal.
  • Geometry Nodes: Sample by ID node
    • Simon tested the PR and thought it made sense, so we thought it made sense to continue with the PR.
    • The sockets can have descriptions, especially the “Is Valid” output.
  • Function Node: Hash Value
    • We should check that the randomness works properly for integers in a large range (e.g. because of floating point precision). Simon can check this.
    • The “Value” inputs should have hidden values
    • The naming isn’t clear, but “Hash Value”, “Value to ID” are some options. The downside of “Hash” is using a new term in the UI. The downside of “ID” is that the output integers aren’t unique, which is semi-expected for IDs.
      • The tentative decision was to stick with the “Hash Value” now.
  • Geometry Nodes: new Axes to Rotation node
    • It would help to have a list of special cases and their behavior.
    • The values of the secondary axis should be displayed
    • Good defaults for the enum inputs would be important, those should be double-checked
  • “Align Rotation to Vector”
    • This would be good to finish
  • Sculpt: Initialize hairs with custom radius
    • Nice goal, there’s a fair amount of duplicated code that could be addressed in this PR too.
  • 4.2 targets?
    • It’s not clear yet. There’s still plenty of ongoing work. We’d probably keep the goals smaller.
  • Matrix Sockets
    • It would be nice to get the socket type and nodes out of experimental sometime soon, but it needs a bit more feedback first.