2024-01-23 Nodes & Physics Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Dalai Felinto
  • Hans Goudey
  • Jacques Lucke

Since the Last Meeting

  • New Sort Elements node (commit)
  • Expose bake id in Python API (commit)
  • Expose bake.node property in Python API (commit)
  • Support synchronous baking (commit)
  • Reorganize panels (commit)

Meeting Topics

  • For the “Manage” panel name in the modifier, it would be good to double check with the UI team in case they have any other ideas for the wording.
  • Bake materials
    • The initial PR is finished, it needs a bit of testing at this point.
    • When there are two maps that conflict with each other, the material alternates every frame.
  • Geometry Nodes: Add Rotate Rotation node
  • Geometry Nodes: Matrix socket type, attribute type, and initial nodes
    • Hans’ proposal is to add these nodes and socket color
    • The socket color could go a little bit darker
  • Menu Switch node socket color
    • Dark gray but without blending with the background.
    • Suggestion: 0.4, 0.4, 0.4, 1.0
  • Volume nodes
    • The old volume nodes were experimental, and were now removed.
    • There is already an approved design to the new nodes (using grid sockets).
    • There is no official timeline for the grid-version of the volume nodes to be implemented.
    • The community is encouraged to contribute them (if they miss the functionality of the old experimental nodes sooner).
  • GSoC - Ideas List

Is this going to be in 4.1 ?