2023-11-14 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Next meeting on December 5.


  • Julian Eisel
  • Hans Goudey
  • Thomas Dinges
  • Harley Acheson

Merged to 4.0 Since Last Meeting

Merged to 4.1 Since Last Meeting

BCON23 Post Mortem

Snapping Icons

  • We’ve decided to keep them as is for now

Near-Term Targets

Mid-Term Targets

Long-Term Targets

  • WIP: UI: Icons at 64x64 and Simplified Process #112261
    • Simplified by no longer allowing customization. UI range increased. This has interest from the Module, but more investigation will be needed. This might slow down startup as the resizing of the bitmaps are done by the CPU at startup.
  • Screen Area Tabs. Mockups? Looks like this would require headers to be always on top. And might also require changes to splitting and merging since the first tab will take action zone space.
  • New widgets: Julian mentioned a need for a new slider control. Do we want switches too?

Other Discussion


Shouldn’t this be high priority bug? Certain asset catalogs appear twice in Add menu and some catalogs don’t appear at all.