2023-10-17 Nodes & Physics Module Meeting

Check the overview thread for more information about the meeting.


  • Dalai Felinto
  • Hans Goudey
  • Iliya Katueshenock
  • Lukas Toenne
  • Sam Aldhaher

Meeting Topics

  • #113368: Node Editor: Add overlay to automatically label reroute nodes
    • Make sure that the name doesn’t show when zoom out
    • Show to Simon
    • Using different colors for the explicit labels might not be necessary
    • Open a production tree to see what it looks like
    • Check how much it helps to use the generic output names of some nodes (e.g. just “Geometry”)
  • Random rotation node group asset
  • Grease Pencil integration
    • Join Geometry for Grease Pencil
      • Just concatenate layers
      • Order of layers after concatenation?
        • Being consistent with the visual order would be nice since users might expect it that way
        • But it’s more important that we treat layers consistently
        • Currently in geometry nodes we don’t consider the correspondence between the visual layout in the scene and the layout of the node graph
        • The “Sort Elements” node that’s already planned can sort layers
    • Realize Instances for Grease Pencil
      • The realize instances node creates a flat list of all the instanced layers
      • A future “depth” input can limit the creation of layers
      • A separate node merges the data of layers
    • Grease Pencil viewer in the viewport can’t be supported yet
    • Grease Pencil integration next steps:
      • Falk:
        • Join Geometry
        • Duplicate Element (layer)
        • Realize Instance
        • Apply Modifier
      • Dalai
        • Material nodes & other open patches
        • Fillet Curve
      • Jacques
        • Material Socket filter
          • Material Node
          • Set Material
          • Replace Material
        • Viewer Node (spreadsheet)
        • Instance on Points propagation

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