2023-08-01 User Interface

Meeting to talk about possible targets for August, and how to structure the UI work to be carried out by Harley.


  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Fiona Cohen
  • Harley Acheson
  • Julian Eisel
  • Pablo Vazquez


  • Module organization
    • Brecht will help with prioritization, but not on the day-to-day, follow-ups and code review.
    • Fiona will help checking on tasks and follow-ups.
    • Pablo and Julian will carry on review.
    • Harley is available for development and patch review.
    • Focus should be on important roadmap projects, less “arbitrary” UI development.
  • Have UI module meetings again
    • Bi-weekly meetings for the module.
    • Weekly check on status of patches/targets.
    • These meetings are not for elaborate design discussions.
    • Meetings at every other Tuesday at 17:00 CEST.
    • Harley will organize the meetings.
    • Secure the UI consistency for the daily changes
      • Someone combs over commits or PRs to pick questionable UI changes. (Pablo).
      • Reiterate on devtalk about including the UI team on UI-related PRs.
    • Always write down concrete action points.
  • Ongoing projects (add links or create tasks)
    • Asset shelf
      • Asset shelf (UI polishing). #107881
      • Opaque header background behind the buttons/tabs but transparent for the rest. #107881 (Harley)
      • Thumbnail size selector #105815 (Harley)
      • Asset traits #105808 (Julian took over)
    • Treeview
    • Animation Review (may wait until next meeting)
      • NLA duplicate changes #110316
      • Keymap drawing changes (e.g., X for locked keyframes)
    • Extensions
      • No clear tasks until design is done (Pablo).
    • UV Packing redo capability. [task needed]
    • Asset preview management - necessary for #108806: Asset System: Remove asset handle (compatibility breaking 4.0 change):
      • Garbage collection for preview images [design task needed]
      • Store previews in AssetRepresentation (fixes preview reloading on redo).
    • Technical documentation: Harley can continue writing docs for UI code.
    • Low priorities:

Action Points:

  • Harley organizes meeting for Aug 15
  • Pablo does design review for above mentioned patches by Harley
  • Julian creates/updates design tasks for the points above
  • Brecht reviews asset shelf
  • Julian & Harley do another meeting on priorities and implementation details, Thu 17:00 CEST