2023-06-13 Blender Admins Meeting


  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Campbell Barton
  • Sergey Sharybin


  • Francesco proposed simplifying releases to 3rd party stores. In particular releasing the LTS to the Windows store is not ideal, as it has to be a separate product and there have been technical issues with this in the past. Admins did not have strong opinion on either continuing or dropping the Windows store LTS release. It could be dropped but there is also no big incentive to do so.
  • Copyright changes for SPDX and adding Blender Foundation copyright were done. Some further changes are planned to apply this to add-ons, and to also to make the wording more clear, to be communicated about later.
  • Sergey wrote a script for removing unused branches on forked Git repositories. Brecht will communicate about how to get this applied to forks (we may apply it to all expected for those who don’t want it).
    #59 - Script to remove old branches - blender-projects-platform - Blender Projects
  • Mailing list sunsetting proposal was posted and there were no objections, it’s now a matter of finding time for it to be done.
  • Removing OpenCollada for Blender 4.0 was brought up, since it is unmaintained and other file formats are replacing it. However the maintenance burden is low currently, and there is still some usage of it like 3D Warehouse. This can be marked as end-of-life with suggestion to move to glTF or USD now, but it is not planned to be removed yet.
  • There was a discussion on Python API breaking changes. Main conclusions:
    • Reconfirm to be strict outside of major releases, add compatibility layers when possible. Try only breaking when actual functionality changes and the old API would make no sense for it.
    • Campbell will make a design proposal to show deprecation warnings in the user interface when Developer Extra is enabled. Some add-ons broke in 4.0 even when there was a warning for a year.