2022-5-4 Sculpt/Texture/Paint Module Meeting

Practical Info

This is a weekly video chat meeting for planning and discussion of development related to the sculpting and painting in Blender. Any contributor (developer, UI/UX designer, writer, …) working on these features in Blender is welcome to join and add proposed items to the agenda.

For users and other interested parties, we ask to read the meeting notes instead so that the meeting can remain focused.


  • Jeroen Bakker (Dev)
  • Joe Eagar (Dev)
  • Ramil Roosileht (Dev)
  • Julien Kaspar (Artist)



3D Texturing

  • Improve quality of the UV seams D14702. Current state in review. Builds are available for testing.
  • Added support for undo D14821. Current state in review. Builds are available for testing.
    • Using any other sculpt brushes result in issues. Still needs to be reported
  • Next task is to split the PBVHNode in more smaller nodes to improve performance
    • Jeroen won’t have that much time in the next couple weeks
    • Joe can take over this task in the meantime
  • Current GPU threading issues result in magenta shading in Eevee. Can make testing difficult at the moment

Paint Mode design (devtalk thread)

  • Main unresolved point of discussion: Mask propagation between object modes and selection modes
    • Is it possible to convert mask & editor mode selections in a non-destructive way? Probably.
    • Going for the destructive switching from edit mode might be easiest solution. But also could be frustrating to use
    • There are a couple more suggestions
      • How about storing the 3 masks from 3 masking modes separably?
      • Maybe we can expose all selection modes in all modes?
      • Would those even be useful.
    • More discussions can take place in the devtalk thread

Other “In Review” tasks:

  • D13897: PBVH Draw Support for EEVEE
    • Delayed for Blender 3.3
  • T97346: Canvas Selector UX: Add option to create a color attribute in material mode
    • Also delayed for 3.3
  • T97479: Add undo support to PBVH image texturing painting
    • Currently in progress
  • T97106: Options to convert color attributes to other domain and data types
    • Needs more info in the comments to move further
  • T97489: Unify Interpolation In Vertex Paint And Sculpt Mode
    • This is a bigger task than the current commit
  • D14765: Switch viewport shading for color tools in solid mode
    • Can be committed on Friday by Jeroen.

In Progress tasks:

  • T97697: Sculpt Mode: Correct color filter saturation
    • Might be best to add options to filter for HSV and HSL methods of saturation
    • Could even need multiple different de-saturation methods
    • Needs more research first though
      • Maybe compare to film color grading workflows
    • Any further changes would to nice to communicate with other modules to stay consitent
  • T97101: Color attribute improvements
    • Will continue to work soon for Blender 3.3

Manual and release notes for Blender 3.2

  • All commits have been added
  • Visual material & demo file
    • Demo file could use some updates to include more brushes and increase resolution (Ramil will take care of it.)
    • New demo videos can be recorded (Also to avoid bug in video)
  • Updated manual
    • Julien will take care of it


  • Task for migration of other Paint Brush settings to PBVH paint?
    • Will come after the basic tasks are done
    • We should include a task for paint brush to work on missing settings
  • Task for accurate painting on object with modifiers?
    • Supporting subdiv would need a different type of PBVH
    • Once we have paint mode we could work a solution to support modifiers there
  • Draw Brush & Gradient Tool tasks? (Mentioned in Paint Mode devtalk thread)
    • No resolution on this yet
  • It was suggested to include an option to use nearest neighbour interpolation for color attributes. Could help for certain styles. Needs investigation into use-cases first.
    • A proper shader or draw tool might be the better solution?
  • 希望CA属性的显示,可分为CRGBA,五种独立通道显示模式。
    I hope that the display of CA attributes can be divided into CRGBA, five independent channel display modes. This will greatly facilitate drawing other floating-point attribute channels.
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I have an idea about the base model assets for sculpting. Can you provide a preset similar to the kind of game where you can customize the image of a human character? You can change the height, chest size, muscle distribution, rather than a fixed number of models.

While I think something like that might be too out of scope, a mannequin made in geometry nodes that could work as a base would be fantastic and not just for sculpt basemeshes, but also physics test, rigging proxies and stuff like that. The current basemeshes made by Julien look really good, but I’m not sure how useful they’ll be for realistic characters or characters that are on a different style.

I think a mannequin made of cylinders/truncated cones and spheres with realistic proportions would be more than enough to start (similar to those of Unreal but simpler, imo).

Example. Why forced switching to attribute shading should be optional and can`t be ultimate

Also, ppl will be f**ed up switching it back all the time after painting.
So let users decide, if they want this autoswitch.
The same as with autoperspective (another feature, that annoys, when you modeling)

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