2022-3-02 Sculpt/Texture/Paint Module Meeting

Participents: Joe Eagar, Jeroen Bakker, Julien Kaspar, …


  • Planning for 3D brush prototype (Texture Painting)
  • Sculpt mode development updates (Based on recent blog post)
    • Current state of sculpt vertex painting
    • Patches for other listed features


  • 3D brush prototype
    • Best approach would be to build texture painting on top of the sculpt mode code
    • Keep them as single code base but separate modes on the user level for ease of use
    • Avoid current and future code duplication
    • Discussions on technical implementation and responsibilities will happen outside of the meeting with Jeroen, Brecht & Joe
    • For the prototype work we can base it on sculpt vertex painting in current master branch
    • Joe will share his previous work to help with the prototype
  • When will the modes be restructured and how?
    • The upcoming implementation of vertex painting in sculpt mode is throwing vertex paint mode into question
    • Blender 3.2 should add sculpt vertex colors to sculpt mode as a feature addition
    • But in later releases we will redefine the mode structure (Paint mode, Attribute Paint mode, …)
  • Mode Structure
    • Theoretically vertex/texture painting and sculpting could become one single mode
      • This can lead to confusing and overloaded UI & UX
      • Paint Mode & sculpt mode separation makes sense to clearly define the workflow of each mode
    • Vertex painting and attribute paint mode difference is not yet very clear?
    • If the new vertex painting in sculpt mode can paint face corners via face sets, could the old vertex paint mode be removed for now?
      • We agree that face sets are faster and more intuitive for selecting face corners to paint
      • But they obscure the data you are painting on
      • Could we hide face sets overlay while painting?
    • For releases after 3.2 paint mode could be defined and old vertex paint mode will be removed
      • New vertex and texture painting will then be part of “Paint Mode”, which uses the sculpt code as a base to support sculpt mode features (masking, face sets, filters)
      • Sculpt Mode will stay unchanged, except for the transition of paint tools to Paint Mode
      • “Attribute Paint/Edit Mode” will be introduced once it offers unique functionality & use cases
  • Sculpt vertex patch: Blender Archive - developer.blender.org
    • Vertex color mode now supports any data type/domain
    • This fixes the main issue of the patch
    • From the design perspective the patch is good to go, even if a release later the mode structure changes
  • Other sculpt module targets
    • Eevee drawing needs more review: Blender Archive - developer.blender.org
    • Create patches for remaining features
    • Ideally built them for artists to test as well
    • Moving forward, Joe will also spend a lot of time working on the texture paint project.
    • The focus related to blog post features will be on small near term features
  • Most important to do’s
    • 3D brush prototype (Jeroen, Joe)
    • Joe will fix remaining issues of sculpt vertex paint patch
    • Remaining time of Joe goes into near term features from the blog post
    • Medium/Long term sculpt features (dyntopo, multire) get postponed until texture paint project is progressed further

Next Meeting

09-3-2022 at 18:00 CET


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