2022-07-13 Geometry Nodes sub-module meeting

The meeting will be open for everybody interested in joining the video call (link below).

Meeting time: 15:00 CEST (Your local time: 2022-07-13T13:00:00Z).



  • Dalai Felinto (Blender)
  • Erindale
  • Gareth Jensen (Meta)
  • Iliay Katueshenock
  • Jacques Lucke (Blender)
  • Lukas Tönne

General Discussion

Patch Review & Decision Time

Help Needed

  • Cut brush for curves sculpting.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 27 July, 15:00-16 CEST (Your local time: 2022-06-29T13:00:00Z), which is 2 weeks from this meeting. Again it will be open for everyone interested. The provisional meeting agenda will be linked in the #geometry-nodes channel before the meeting.


Sorry if mis-posted this question, but what is the status of new curves system in terms of resampling or adding more control points.
I have found out that it is nearly impossible to sculpt a long braid due to insufficient control points in each curve and I have no idea how to increase it destructively.


Generally, you can use geometry nodes to resample the curves and then apply the modifier. There are also drawing issues though, it can happen that you have a high resolution curve, but Eevee draws it with a lower resolution anyway… That will be fixed.

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