2022-06-14 Library Overrides Status Update

Attendants: Bastien Montagne, Dalai Felinto, Julian Eisel

We got together to assess the current status of library overrides, and identify what can be improved when it comes to usability, before we start with the “cherry-picked” properties project.

There are three places a user can create an override from:

  • Viewport
  • Properties Editor
  • Outliner

For the user the result is supposed to be the same. In some rare cases where the context leads to ambiguity (e.g., an object is linked into multiple collections), the operation should fail.

There is one main “operator” (currently named “Make Override Hierarchy”). At the moment there is another one (Make Library Override - Fully Editable), which will be removed once we have the “cherry-pick” options.


  • Outliner Hierarchies revert order.
    • Follow the “View Layer” hierarchy (collection > objects > children).
  • Use warning for actual warnings
    • Right now the “re-sync for better performance” should be an Info instead.
  • Remove “Single” options
    • Double-check with Andy Goralczyk.
  • Fix System Overrides filter check (e.g., for Project Heist).
  • Fix “double-click” on Outliner Properties throwing an error.

Other topics:

  • Consider to have only " Make Library Override Hierarchy Full Editable"
    • Check with Andy, the idea is to do this even before we have the cherry-pick implemented.
  • Fix: Make Library override from data-block widget in the properties editor.
    • Replace the collection by the overridden collection.
  • Instance Collection disable by default.
    • Check with Andy Goralczyk (he advocated for the current option in one of his early feedback sessions).
  • “Make Instance Face” should be removed or documented.
    • Check with Campbell Barton (358c9566379)
    • If we are to keep it there, we still need to separate it from the Library overrides.
  • Viewport > Object > Relations
    • This strikes as a strange name for the category.
  • Viewport > Object > Relations > Make Library Override.
    • No need for search.
    • To throw an error if there is ambiguity in the hierarchy.

Random example of overwhelming options:

Those options are left for a future discussion.

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