2022-01-10 Blender Admins Meeting


  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Dalai Felinto
  • Campbell Barton
  • Sergey Sharybin
  • Bastien Montagne
  • Thomas Dinges
  • Philipp Oeser
  • Francesco Siddi


  • Role of admins is evolving and this needs to be formalized. Follow up on this is to make a proposed text and agree with Ton. Meeting agrees on roughly the following responsibilities.
    • Propose and approval on hires.
    • Review and approval on projects.
    • Check if modules and projects are running well.
    • Go-to admin(s) for each project to consult with and inform about progress.
  • Review of planned 2023 projects and associated blog post. Blog post with modifications based on discussion is now published: Projects to Look Forward to in 2023 — blender.org
  • Extensions Platform
    • Main challenge now is expected to be finding moderators.
    • Also need clarification on how this fits in the bigger picture. In its current state it’s a website completely separate from Blender itself and so in that sense has little impact on Blender development. But this platform would later also be used to more tightly integrate add-ons and assets into Blender itself, and decisions made now can affect that. So some more in depth discussion with admins is needed.
  • Agreed on stricter policy for keeping high priority bugs low. Published to bf-committers now: [Bf-committers] Updated policy regarding High Priority bug reports
  • Gitea migration is being accelerated by forming a workgroup of Arnd, Sergey, Sybren and Francesco to get this done as soon as possible. As part of this we may do some changes to triaging:
    • Dalai will present a proposal of how (and whether) Blender could benefit from introducing severity separate from priority, and how that relates to known issues and the definition of bugs.
    • Will also look at removing Report subtype used for classification.
  • Release Cycle: Dalai and Francesco have not had time yet to come with an updated proposal after discussion last time, they will look at it.
  • VFX & Video module
    • Sergey suggest to split this up into “Audio”, “Compositor”, “Motion Tracking”, “VSE” as they are quite unrelated areas in practice and would benefit from separate workboards and issue tracking.
    • However module is also about organizing people, meetings, and so too many modules can also not be ideal.
    • Plan is to do it similar to the Rendering module. That is, leave it as one module but have separate tag and workboard for issue tracking.
  • Install_deps.sh
    • This is quite a lot of work to maintain, with questions about its usefulness when there are precompiled libraries.
    • For Blender 3.6, plan is to strip install_deps.sh off compiling libraries from source and leave only installing OS libraries. This way it can still be used as a way to test and work with Linux distributions to support all libraries Blender depends on.
    • Campbell will add CMake option to ignore pre-compiled libraries and only use system libraries.