2021-11-26 - Blender Institute - Documentation

Participants: Bastien Montagne, Brecht Van Lommel, Dalai Felinto, Jeroen Bakker, Julian Eisel, Sebastian Parborg, Sybren Stüvel.

This meeting was organized in the Blender Institute to try to budget and scheduled time for documentation.


  • How much time to work on that
  • Scope (module API? wiki top level design?)
  • Tooling (Doxygen?)
  • Plan of attack (work together, split per module, …)
  • Communication (do as internal project? try to involve other developers?)

Meetings notes:

  • Tooling will be left for next year
  • Time: At least 3 days
  • Scope: Architecture level documentation for other developers. The focus is on active areas that have overlap within different modules.
  • Plan of attack:
  • Dalai will create a new task with the list of topics (done).
  • An email will be sent to bf-committers inviting other developers to help.
  • Developers will work on this asynchronous, but should be around for feedback.
  • We start working each one day of next week (29/Nov - 3/Dec).
  • In total developers are expected to work around 3 days on this.
  • In January 2022 we evaluate and see what can be done next.

List of topics to be documented:

  • DNA.
  • ID Management.
  • Undo (needs to be revised).
  • .blend file read/write
  • BMesh (relation with mesh, custom data, attributes).
  • Depsgraph (updated version).
  • Constraints.
  • Animation data.
  • Nodes sockets and animation data.
  • Geometry nodes and object types (point cloud, instances, curves, geometry nodes relation with other modifiers).
  • Gizmos.
  • message_bus.
  • Event system.
  • Notifieres.
  • Screen hierarchy.
  • GPU (batches).
  • Draw manager.
  • Selection.
  • Color management.
  • Overlay.
  • Motion track.
  • Bonus: Grease Pencil and Line Art.