2021-09-13 - 2021-9-17 Geometry Nodes Sub-Module Meetings


Developers or artists interested in contributing are welcome to join at the links below.

Meeting Notes

  • Planning for the week
    • More foundational work on fields code
    • Instances design discussions
    • Continuing conversion of more nodes
    • Field socket visualization
    • Progressing towards merging curve nodes
  • T91376: Domain for fields passed to a modifier.
    • We choose the domain in the Node Group for now.
    • Maybe add an Auto option that tries to detect the domain based on the field inputs.
      • Auto would only work when there are attribute field inputs, and would default to “Point” otherwise.
  • T91370: Implicit position field.
    • Hans mentioned that sometimes the implicit behavior makes the system harder to understand, though the change still seems worth it.
    • What about implicit inputs for different dimensions? We can just use the same behavior as in shading nodes.
    • In the future the implicit input system could be generalized so that any node group could use it.
  • T90867: Built-in attribute propagation rules
    • Not much discussion about this, the idea is straightforward.
    • We do what has been proposed in the task.
  • Rotate Euler node name
    • The Point Rotate node is deprecated because it depended on a generic named attribute implicitly (rotation).
  • Reconsidering the “always realize instances” position.
    • Jacques will make a devtalk thread
    • There was some discussion about whether to make the change for 3.0
      • The change is simple in code, is useful for the string to curve node, and it’s better to group design changes in a larger release rather than spreading them out too much.
  • Discussion about instancing
    • Generally all in agreement that it’s clear that explicit instancing is a better system
    • However, longer term, geometry lists may offer a more intuitive solution to some problems, so it’s important to keep that in mind.
  • Product Demo
    • Default value for Curve Trim should be 0-1, not 0,0 (and similar for length).
    • Need task to use attribute search in the Geometry Nodes modifier interface.
    • Input attribute toggle should be on the left.
    • Organization of inputs in the modifier is currently very awkward. Sub-panels could be configured by adding items to the group outputs list.
  • Attribute Remove relevancy?
    • Still no consensus about this, but there other design topics to get to, so it will be hidden for now.