2021-06-11 Blender LineArt Meeting

Notes for Blender LineArt meeting on Friday, 11 June 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #grease-pencil-module on blender.chat.


Sebastian Parborg
Falk David
Matias Mendiola
Aleš Jelovčan
Hans Goudey
Antonio Vazquez


  • There are too many features in development, better focus in current developed features to review and move to master before develop too many features at once.
  • CustomData is a great idea, but we need to be very carefull with all places where the number of points change.
  • As we are going to use CustomData, no more struct variables by point. If we need something, we will add a new CustomDataLayer.
  • Hans will help us with CustomData API.
  • Working in a new modifier to generate vertex weightts, not LineArt only, but related,

Work done this week

  1. Adjustable camera overscan.
  2. BMesh thread loading (in master).
  3. Frustum culling (not in master).
  4. Light contour (not in master).
  5. Bug fixing (not in master).

Yiming weekly progress report page is here: User:Yiming/LineArt Modifier Continued - Blender Developer Wiki

Next week targets

  • Try to review and move to master developed features. It is not to stop new developments, just priorize already developed features to keep balance.