2021-05-28 Blender LineArt Meeting

Notes for Blender LineArt meeting on Friday, 28 May 2021. 11:00 CEST / UTC 9:00 on #grease-pencil-module on blender.chat.


Sebastian Parborg
Falk David
Matias Mendiola
Antonio Vazquez

Work done this week:

  • Cleaned up naming in line art code so now there’s no more weird r prefix thing in master.
  • Array->List optimization now in master.
  • Working on function patches so it stays consistent with recent code changes.
  • Try thread loading without BMesh
  • use_light option when adding GP line art

Yiming Next Week Plan:

  • No BMesh loading.
  • Thread BVH operation.
  • Cache patch and other patches.

BVH optimization:

  • Current implementation of BVH to find intersections is still a bit slower than the previous implementation.
  • Reasons are probably that all the overlapping bounding boxes are found first (threaded) but then handled linearly after.
  • Falk will look into ways of threading the triangle-triangle test as well to speed up the process.